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Pop like a good friend’s voice in your ear. Songs in which you can lose yourself in, and find yourself.

SIMON JELA | Safe Place

EP Release: October 01, 2021

The debut EP “Safe Place” will be out October 1, 2021. Recorded with his friends, written with the I-swear-it’s-not-cheesy, it’s just what’s in my heart and my mind attitude.

Focus Track: SAFE PLACE – 80’s vibes, energetic drums á la TOTO – for everyone, to feel safe and loved in difficult times

Are you down? Are you lonely? Dance alone to this song, “Vaccinate me baby,” and dream of intimate times.

CHICKS ON SPEED | Vaccinate me baby

Digital Release: September 09, 2021

The new track by Chicks on Speed “Vaccinate me baby” belongs to Vaxpop, a microgenre of electronic music and a meme, however, the ideas behind it are a statement and a position towards music and art production in times of Covid.

„PRINCE“ energy with a positive message wrapped in a contemporary ballad with a dreamy vibe.

SIMON JELA | Too Dark To See

Digital Release: June 18, 2021

A contemporary ballad with a positive message, PRINCE energy as well as a dreamy vibe and about the fact we’re sometimes not always the friend that we would like to be to our nearest and dearest.

A time travel into the future as well as a love song about the internet.

VooCha | Interambiento – feat. Armageddon Turk, Mary Ocher, NLLY and Ortis

Digital Maxi Release: June 11, 2021

With the perspective of a limited internet the collab offers melancholia, miami vice moments, 80s guitars, cinematic vibes and rather than a smooth ride grit and bumps.

Instrumental kicks, a lot of power, pop and folk with a timeless rock garment

SIMON JELA | Chances

Digital Release: March 31, 2021