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Kategorie: VooCha

A time travel into the future as well as a love song about the internet.

VooCha | Interambiento – feat. Armageddon Turk, Mary Ocher, NLLY and Ortis

Digital Maxi Release: June 11, 2021

With the perspective of a limited internet the collab offers melancholia, miami vice moments, 80s guitars, cinematic vibes and rather than a smooth ride grit and bumps.

A love song to life, to good life

VooCha | Goodlife – feat. Gregor Schwellenbach

Digital Release: February 25, 2021

A love song to good life. Sugar positive happy dance electro pop music x jazz x techno x spoken word. MixTape mid 2021.


VooCha | Purry Purry – Eric D. Clark Remix

Digital release: January 8, 2021

VooCha is celebrating the life and the end of 2020 with giving you this mix to sweat out the old and dance into the new. Let’s hatch out the new era with the overdrive distortion, the Purry Purry voice of Nelly Ellinor aka NLLY thread’s together the crystal sugar bumps. Shyness is not an asset, jump over that hurtle, let it all hang out and bounce to Purry Purry.

VooCha – All Roads Take Me 2 – DJ Aroma Remix

Digital release: December 4th, 2020

„The Sugary positivity of the dance track ‚All Roads Take Me 2‘ does not flip into the bitter aftertaste, the sugar high does not crash land in depleted confusion, the listener glides on sound waves of 808 bass and synth stabs on the off beats. Transitions are smooth and what can be more radical at this very moment then a precise dance song?“

VooCha begins with sweet house, let’s dance and talk more later!