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Mycelia LiveBite Project

I spent an interesting & intense last week in Stockholm at the Music Tech Fest. Testing new ways for the music industry, within only these few days my team invented, created and set up the Mycelia LiveBite project. Tough job, especially for the developers!

I was experimenting with these great, rocking people (the Mycelia Blockchain Lab Team),
including Imogen Heap and the Mycelia4music Team @ Music Tech Fest Stockholm.

Mycelia LIVEBITE is a one year experiment with Imogen Heap, testing the possibilities of Blockchain for musicians and enabling fans, and supporters to participate in the process of live recording. Supporters at the concert of the live recording of her song „Half Life“ were offered a chance to contribute a symbolic amount of money and in turn receive a split of the revenue from streaming the song during a year, processed and accounted through a smart contract on the public Ethereum blockchain.


Add on, visualising all streaming data it will be illustrate for the fans how money flows in the music industry today. Stay tuned! 😉

Some more infos LIVEBITE: